Fiber Optic Network Technician Training (FONT 2024)

This highly interactive training program on Fiber Optic Network elements & components provides the essential practical & theoretical knowledge necessary to work in today’s diversified telecommunications industry and Control systems applications Program provides necessary underpinning knowledge of handling FOC [Single, Ribbon, DROP], Splicing & scheduling cables, Handling Pigtail & Patch cords, Connectors usage, FOSC, and Mini ODF Program also includes class room hands-on practice on FOC’s, Connectors, Closures and mini-ODF; that will build a deep confidence of technical staff who are responsible for FO Network Construction & Management Understanding concepts and working of Fiber Optic Access Network, FTT(H) Connectivity Solutions – OSP & ISP, P2P & P2MP Structures, Passive Optic Networks and the Technologies involve [GPON], Fiber Optic Cable systems [Feeder, Distribution & DROP], Fiber Optic Closures [Operation theory, Installation standards], Budget Loss Management. Training aims to focus on Optical Access Networks – Concepts, Architecture & Technologies, Key topics related to Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and explains how the monumental growth of the Internet challenged Telecoms Service providers to provide Internet access through fiber Optic networks.

This training will teach participants a combination of techniques and new visions and philosophies from various range of existing strategic thinking. You will receive diverse viewpoints of management style, which helps you develop your unique style of management.


This Five day tailored made Training Program is to make participants able to understand 

  • Telecommunications & Telecom Networks - Access, Core & Long-haul
  • FTT(x) Network - FTT(N), FTT(P); FTT(H), FTT(B), FTT(M), FTT(O) & FTT(D)
  • FTT(x) Network Environment – Green & Brown Fields, SFU, MDU, SBU, MBU & CBU
  • Passive Optic Network [PON] – Technology for delivering broadband network access to end-customers.
  • GPON Technology – Definition, Technology, Services & Principles
  • Fiber Optic Network Elements & Components - Applications & Structures 
  • Fiber Optic Access Network - Last Mile Connectivity, Customer Premises Terminals & Devices 
  • Fiber Optic Cables - Types, Architecture & Applications [SMF & MMF]
  • Fiber Optic Network Cables Feeder, Distribution & DROP - Structures, Construction Techniques & Handling [288F, 24F, 1F, ADSS, Figure 8, DROP (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Fiber Optic Network Cable Connectors – PC, UPC & APC, SFP, SC, ST, FC & LC
  • Fiber Distribution Hub – Types, Construction & Applications
  • Fiber Optic Network – Main & Access Distribution Frames, Splice Closures, DROP Closures, Mini ODF [Hans-on Practice] Fiber Optical Access Network – Budget Losses & Management

Categories of participants

FTT(x) Network Designers, Planners, Senior Engineers, Project Mangers, Field Engineers, Quality Control Engineers, and field technicians


Conference Venue: Hotel Mercure Paris 155 Porte de Versailles

6, Rue Saint-Lambert 75015 Paris, France


Members - $500
Non-members - $600

The training fee includes: All training
packages, lunches, research sessions, training materials, training bag, group photograph.


Abstract submission deadline:12TH MAY. 2024

Registration Deadline:13TH JUNE. 2024

The conference day:1STH - 3RD JULY, 2024


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** One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only one proceeding book.

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