International Conference on Managment, Paris, France (ICM 2024)

The International Conference on Management is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in leadership and management. The Conference promotes collaborative excellence between academicians and professionals from Management and Leadership disciplines. The aim of International Conference on Management is to provide an opportunity for leaders and managers from various fields to bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of administrators. The Global Conference on Leadership and Management invites research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and performance evaluation


1. Team Building and Strategic Planning 2. Decision Making and Improving Productivity 3. Communications and Negotiation Skills 4. Valuable insights and Empowerment 5. Deepened Self-Awareness, Improved Performance, Creating Rapport, and Encouraging Involvement 6. Developing Synergy, Two-Way Trust, and Building Credibility 7. Advanced Critical Thinking 8. Critical Leadership Survival Skills 9. Enhancing Team Commitment 10. Advancing in Individual Performance 11. Mastering and Applying Critical Thinking Skills 12. Fostering Initiative and Accountability 13. Growing in Skills to Become Confident Leaders and Using Power and Influence 14. Building Commitment through Superior Communications 15. Enhanced Project Leadership 16. Expanding Employee Influence

Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. If abstract is accepted, author agrees to send full text paper, including results, tables, figures and references. All submissions should report original and previously unpublished research results no matter the type of research paper you are presenting. Full text papers (.docx and .doc) will be accepted by Electronic Submission Form. Manuscripts should meet the format set by the Conference committee and are subject to review

Maison du Mexique
Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
Rua Ivone Silva, 18 | 1050-124 Lisboa - Portugal9 C boulevard Jourdan, 75014 PARIS

Townhouse Hotel & Events Centre


Paper Submission Deadline :5TH APRIL. 2024

Late Registration Deadline :18TH MAY. 2024

The conference day:24TH - 26TH JUNE, 2024


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Author: Make a presentation on the conference and the paper will be published on the proceedings/journals.
Presenter: Make a presentation on the conference without paper publishing.
Listener: Participating in the conference only without neither presentation nor paper publication.
* One regular paper registration can cover a paper within 4 pages, the above charges are for the paper upto 4 pages and after that extra charge of USD 30 per additional page will be there and long paper registration cover a paper within 8-15 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.
** One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only one proceeding book.

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1. If you want to submit a Paper,you are welcomed to submit your full paper to editor@theiiar.orgdirectly.

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