Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

conferencesLearning and teaching methodologies

conferencesCollaborative and problem-based learning

conferencesFramework-based teaching

conferencesSupervising and managing student projects

conferencesQuality assurance/ standards and accreditation

conferencesEthics in accounting education and academic integrity

conferencesPrimary and secondary education

conferencesHigher education

Educational vision, policy, leadership, management and administration

conferencesCurriculum design and development

conferencesOrganizational learning and change

conferencesProfessional qualifications, training and development

conferencesStudent learning, learner experiences and learner diversity

conferencesRelationship with the profession

conferencesIndustrial cooperation

conferencesWork employability

conferencesEducational institution industry partnership

conferencesTechnology enhanced and distance learning

conferencesInternship programs and experiences